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I discovered a love for handmade soap many years ago at an art gallery in Nevada City, California.   A Gemstone soap was purchased as a gift.  The following year  I picked up a Gemstone for me!  A luxury to be sure, a personal indulgence, oh yes!   Since that first shower with a lovely soap, I was taken by the luxurious feel left on my skin, the fragrance an aromatherapy of the shower! The art and science of soap making, from conception and design to the creation and presentation is much like baking a living breathing yeast bread and presenting it at the table. The process of making soap needs a fair measure of precision, weights, measures and a bit of tweaking while cooking. As a certified and professional soapmaker, adding the luxurious ingredients of luscious oils and butters, or a brush of silk or fragrances with a touch of humor for a balanced perfection is my goal. Why bytheSEAsoaps? Well first I absolutely love making soap! While much of my year is spent somewhere in northern California, I spend as much time as possible ‘bytheSEA’ in Hilo, Hawaii. My professional house and cat sitting duties there have expanded too . . . oh yes, you can also now throw in the sheep, pigs, bees, and chickens. I work on Oahu and the Big Island as often as possible! So, life is good and just too short to use commercial soaps or detergents on our skin. Add a soothing bar of luxury handmade soap to your days. Be sure to use a soap dish and let your soap air dry between uses. It will last longer that way! My hope is that you will encourage your skin's appearance, it's soft and smooth feel by using the emollient and luxurious oils found in my handmade soap. The oils used encourage and protect your skins natural pH balance. For your joy and pleasure a lovely soap can provide a sense of overall personal luxury. For your bathing ritual to be magical, a daily blessing in time and luxury that you give your skin, that is the goal. Handmade soap can be a part of a daily luxury to pamper your skin. Soap can be Aromatherapy for the shower or bath! Such a small gift for you or to share with those you love. Just a bit of wonderment and luxury for each and every day! It is my sincere pleasure to share my soaps with you. Aloha, PaMella's bytheSEAsoap
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About Our Soap